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The company's foreign branch

foreign branch of the company
foreign branch of Voltex Invest

How to effectively create and manage foreign branches with the help of Voltex Invest

Voltex Invest helps to set up a foreign branch of the company. The company has many years of experience in helping companies create business on the international market. The company offers a wide range of tools and services to help you set up and manage a foreign branch.

Voltex Invest helps companies in choosing the right locations and offers competent advice on the process of registering and setting up new branches. The company also offers professional services in the selection and recruitment of personnel, as well as support for employees, including training, implementation and competence management.

Voltex Invest offers a comprehensive service in the field of establishing and managing foreign branches. It helps companies step by step, from establishing a branch to its proper functioning. It offers legal, financial, accounting, administrative and human resource management support. It also helps in creating business strategies and optimizing processes. It also provides advisory, consulting and risk management support services.

Voltex Invest provides its clients with reliable advisory services, support and knowledge. Thanks to the company's wide range of services, you can create and manage foreign branches to achieve success on international markets.

How to enter Voltex Invest set up a foreign branch.

Foreign branch of the company why is it worth it?

Increasing business reach

Introducing a service or product to a foreign market will provide your company with a wider reach and more potential customers. You can reach new customers from other countries and increase your business opportunities

Multiplied profits

Taking advantage of new foreign markets and new products or services to sell can make your business more profitable. The opening of a branch leads to an increase in revenues and business income.

Greater competitiveness

By introducing new products or services to foreign markets, your company becomes more resilient to changes in the economy of one country, because it can compete globally.

Get a new foreign branch of your company with Voltex Invest!

Your company present abroad with Voltex Invest

Moving a foreign branch to Poland is an increasingly popular trend, both among smaller companies and large corporations. Many companies see the benefits of such a move and decide to change their business location. Moving a branch to Poland can bring many benefits, such as tax optimization, cheaper construction of production halls or warehouses, cheaper services and local products, proximity to the largest economy in Europe and good transport connections.

In Poland, there are many opportunities for tax optimization for enterprises. The tax system is business-friendly and offers many reliefs, such as research and development relief or investment relief. This can significantly reduce operating costs and help in the implementation of further development plans.

Cheaper construction of production halls or warehouses is possible thanks to cheaper rental of real estate and lower construction costs. In Poland, the cost of construction is much lower than in many European countries, which allows for savings and better management of funds.

Local services and products are cheaper in Poland than in many Western countries, which allows for significant savings in everyday business activities. The proximity of the largest economy in Europe and good transport connections with Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Italy allow for easy and fast trade.

Poland is also an ideal place for expansion and export to foreign markets. After the end of the war, the Ukrainian market will be very receptive and open to products from other countries, giving the company a chance for rapid growth and development. In the future, it is also possible to open Russia and Belarus to the European market, which will allow easy exports from Poland.

The railway connection with the Chinese and Asian markets, which ends in Poland, gives additional opportunities for expansion and business development. Poland is an ideal place for companies that want to develop their businesses in Europe and around the world.

All in all, moving a foreign branch to Poland is a great investment for any company that wants to gain a competitive advantage, optimize its costs and develop its businesses on foreign markets. With cheaper costs, better transport links and a wide range of development opportunities, Poland is the perfect place to relocate your business.

Oddział zagraniczny firmy - Voltex Invest Sp. z o.o.
Foreign branch of the company - Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o.

How to start building your business abroad with Voltex Invest.

Foreign branch of the company in a few simple steps.

Find a proven partner

Voltex Invest can represent you on foreign markets.

Get customers

We will establish contact with foreign contractors for you and transfer orders and orders.

Create a brand

We will maintain contacts with clients and companies interested in your business offer.

Spread your business wings abroad with Voltex Invest.

Conquer foreign markets!

Answers to frequently asked questions.

What services does Voltex Invest offer in terms of establishing a foreign branch of the company?

Voltex Invest offers consulting services in selecting a location, assistance in the registration process, staff recruitment, training support and competence management, as well as comprehensive assistance in the field of law, finance, accounting, administration and human resources management.

Why is it beneficial to move a foreign branch to Poland?

Moving the branch to Poland brings benefits such as tax optimization, lower construction costs of production halls, access to cheap local services and products, proximity to the largest economy in Europe and convenient transport connections.

What tax breaks does Poland offer for businesses?

Poland offers tax reliefs, such as research and development relief and investment relief, which significantly reduces the operating costs of enterprises.

Why is the construction of production halls or warehouses cheaper in Poland?

The costs of building halls in Poland are much lower than in other European countries, thanks to which companies save on real estate investments.

What are the benefits of locating a business in Poland in the context of expansion to foreign markets?

Poland is an ideal place for expansion into foreign markets due to its proximity to the Ukrainian market, the possibility of opening Russia and Belarus to the European market, as well as favorable transport connections with Europe, including the Chinese and Asian markets.