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Construction consultancy

Construction consultancy
Voltex Invest construction consulting
construction consultant

Construction consulting with Voltex Invest.

If you are looking for specialist assistance in the implementation of a construction investment, cooperation in the field of construction consulting with Voltex Invest is the perfect solution for you. We offer comprehensive control over design and construction works, ensuring that everything is done in accordance with the construction law and technical regulations.

Our services include full control of compliance with the design, acceptance and approval of all construction phases and materials, as well as financial control of the investment. We act for investors who need technical support in the design phase, implementation of construction investments and preparation of optimal financing.

Thanks to our proven activities, your investment will be efficiently implemented and will achieve the intended goals, which will allow you to generate the expected profits. There are many instruments on the market that provide investment financing, and we will help you choose the most advantageous form.

We provide full professional service, so you can be sure that your investment is in good hands. Take advantage of our services and see how many benefits you can get thanks to cooperation with us!

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What does construction consulting look like?

Comprehensive investment support with Voltex Invest!

Comprehensive solutions, including design, construction, modernization and maintenance of the building.

Supervision inspectors Voltex Invest!

Control of the construction project and construction works, in accordance with the regulations, by experienced supervisory inspectors.

Lease management Voltex Invest

Attracting tenants and maintaining good technical condition of buildings will become easier than ever.

Creating buildings of the future - construction consulting Voltex Invest

Comprehensive construction service by Voltex Invest

A construction project requires proper management to ensure success. Construction management is an effective management method that can help your project run smoothly and on schedule. Construction management is a model where the client is responsible for all aspects of the construction, including budget, deadlines, quality control and safety. All these aspects are paramount and are to ensure the success of the investment.

Benefits of using construction management services

Using construction management services allows the client to have full control over construction costs, as well as to optimize costs by eliminating the assumed profit of the general contractor. With construction management, you can ensure that construction is carried out as required and on time, and that all works are carried out to the highest quality standards.

Construction process: key steps in construction management

One of the key steps in construction management is to define the construction process, which may involve several levels. In the first stage, you first need to set a budget to determine how much money can be allocated to the investment. Next, contractors should be selected and individual construction works carried out. A schedule must then be established and quality checks carried out to ensure construction is carried out as expected.

Construction management services - consulting, products, plans and legal information

In addition, construction management companies also offer consultancy services in the selection of the most appropriate products and construction materials, and offer assistance in creating business plans and other project plans. They are also able to provide any information regarding laws and regulations that may affect the project.

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Construction management: choosing the right company

To manage construction effectively, it is important to choose the right company that has experience in managing construction and contractors. Such companies offer construction management services such as selection of contractors, quality control, monitoring of progress and schedules. In addition, these companies also offer project management consultancy to ensure that the investment goes smoothly.

Benefits of construction management and how it can help investors

Using construction management services can provide investors with a seamless and efficient investment process. By managing the construction, you can optimize investment costs, ensure safety and ensure that the project will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines and on time. All this makes construction management an important element of any construction project and an effective way to run the project on schedule and on budget.

Voltex Invest construction consulting and investment service.

Why a construction advisor from Voltex Invest?

Construction advisor

The best design solutions

Construction documentation

Construction consultancy

The greatest savings when making investments

Construction supervision

Construction consulting Voltex Invest

The most favorable real estate rental

Property rental management

Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o. construction consultations

Get to know the opinion of a construction advisor about your property.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

What services does Voltex Invest offer in the field of construction consulting?

Voltex Invest offers full control over design and construction works, including control of compliance with the design, acceptance and approval of construction phases, financial control of the investment and technical support in the design phase.

What is construction management and what are its benefits?

Construction management is a method in which the client has full control over the costs, deadlines, quality and safety of the investment. The benefits include cost optimization, timely execution, and meeting quality standards.

What are the key steps in the construction management process?

The key steps are determining the budget, selecting contractors, schedule, quality control and adapting the construction to expectations.

What services are offered as part of construction management, apart from quality control?

In addition to quality control, construction management companies offer advice on the selection of construction products, create business plans and provide information on regulations and laws.

What are the benefits of construction management for investors?

Construction management helps investors optimize investment costs, guarantee safety and timely project implementation, which is crucial for the success of a construction investment.

What services regarding energy audits does Voltex Invest offer and does it support in obtaining subsidies from the "Czyste Powietrze" program?

Voltex Invest offers support in the process of performing audits for the Czyste Powietrze program, including assessing the energy efficiency of the building, identifying sources of heat loss and proposing solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Comprehensive, from audit to implementation of pro-ecological investment.