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voltex Invest kierownik budów

Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o. – HVAC installations

Professional management of construction investments with Voltex Invest. We ensure effective implementation thanks to modern HVAC installation solutions.

Are you looking for a trusted construction partner who will implement your project with the utmost care and attention to detail?
Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o. is a company specializing in HVAC installations, providing comprehensive project management services. Our company focuses on ensuring effective investment implementation, guaranteeing customers satisfaction at every stage of the construction process.

Voltex Invest Sp. z o.o. inwestycje budowlane.

Our Rich Service Offer:

Investment Management

We offer comprehensive investment management services that include meticulous planning, effective progress monitoring and strict cost control. Our experienced team will manage your investment, giving you peace of mind and confidence that everything is going according to plan.

Works Manager

Do you need a professional construction manager who will lead your construction project to success? Our team of experienced specialists is ready to act. We provide comprehensive management of construction works, ensuring their timeliness, quality and efficiency.

HVAC installations

W Voltex Invest doskonale rozumiemy, że kluczem do sukcesu w branży HVAC jest nie tylko doświadczenie i wiedza, ale także współpraca z najlepszymi. Dlatego nawiązaliśmy strategiczne partnerstwa z renomowanymi wytwórcami kanałów wentylacyjnych oraz producentami rur i urządzeń, aby móc oferować naszym klientom najbardziej aktualne i korzystne rozwiązania.

Construction Consulting

Do you need professional advice in the field of construction, renovation or modernization? Our team of expert advisors is here to help. Thanks to our experience and industry knowledge, we can provide you with professional help and guidance to ensure that your project runs successfully and as expected.

Our Mission

In our company, we focus on high quality services, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive support in the implementation of their construction projects, providing solutions tailored to their individual needs and expectations.

If you have any questions or problems with your construction or investment – contact us, we will help you!

Voltex Invest: Innovations in construction investment management

Intelligent solutions, sustainable development, transparent cooperation - this is what distinguishes us..

Paweł Pedrycz has been the President of the Management Board of Voltex Invest since 2020. He has over 10 years of experience in the construction and installation industry, in particular in managing tender, design, construction and operational processes.

His skills and experience allow him to effectively manage various projects in the construction and installation sectors. He is also a specialist in the field of building materials, heat pumps and heat recovery in the context of passive houses and the creator of BuildCompany.PL portal.

Paweł Pedrycz is a graduate of the Kielce University of Technology, majoring in environmental engineering. He has unlimited construction qualifications for management in the installation specialty sanitary, obtained with distinction from the Chamber in the autumn session of 2018. He is also an energy auditor and is authorized to prepare energy certificates for buildings.

Paweł Pedrycz CEO Voltex Invest
Paweł Pedrycz CEO Voltex Invest

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What services does Voltex Invest offer?

It offers comprehensive investment management, including construction management, contract management, management of sanitary works, investor supervision inspection as well as project management and representation before state authorities, e.g. Construction Supervision, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, Fire Department, i.e. as a substitute investor,

The role of sanitary works manager within Voltex Invest services?

The manager of sanitary works at Voltex Invest takes care of the implementation of modern and effective sanitary, heating, gas, ventilation, air conditioning, heat pumps and heat recovery installations, ensuring the comfort, safety and health of users.

What is comprehensive investment management offered by Voltex Invest?

Comprehensive investment management includes a wide range of services, such as construction manager, contract manager, substitute investor, sanitary works manager, investor supervision inspector and project management. It provides professional service at every stage of the investment, from planning to putting the facility into operation.

What are the benefits of using the services of construction consulting as part of Voltex Invest?

Construction consulting offered by Voltex Invest includes opinions and expertise, helping to avoid problems with construction supervision authorities, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and the Fire Department, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and investment safety.

What are the benefits of cooperation with Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o. in the context of a contract manager?

Cooperation with our contract manager guarantees that design, tender and construction works will be carried out according to plan, on time and on budget, ensuring investment profitability and control over each stage of construction.

What are the main areas of activity of Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o.?

Our main areas of activity are construction management, contract management, replacement investments, management of sanitary works, investor supervision inspection and project management.

What does Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o.?

Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o. is a company specializing in construction investment management. We offer comprehensive services covering various aspects of the construction process.

Who is construction manager?

A construction manager is a person who is responsible for the course and coordination of construction works. He is responsible for ensuring compliance with the project, construction law and occupational health and safety rules.
The duties of the construction manager include, among others:
1. Taking over the construction site and preparing it to start work.
2. Supervision over the proper course of construction works.
3. Solving technical and organizational problems.
4. Coordination of work with other entities participating in the construction.
5. Completion of all formalities related to construction.
The construction manager must have appropriate construction licenses and their individual number, which are issued after gaining the required several years of experience on the construction site and passing exams at the Chamber of Civil Engineers, where he then pays membership fees and liability insurance.

How can a proxy investor help with my investment?

The substitute investor represents the investor's interests, ensuring optimal use of resources, effective project management and solving any problems.

Why is it worth using the services of an investment supervision inspector?

The investor's supervision inspector monitors the progress of work, ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained and compliance with the investor's requirements, which translates into trouble-free implementation of the project.

Is Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o. offers investment services at the design stage?

Yes, our company provides comprehensive services at every stage of the investment, starting from the design phase, cost estimation, selection of optimal technical solutions and their optimization, and control of finances and construction schedule, until the facility is put into operation.