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Sales representative

Przedstawiciel handlowy, handlowiec

Sales representative, trader from Voltex Invest

What do you offer? We offer a multifaceted Lead Generation service, combining online and offline marketing, content creation, social media engagement, industry event participation, and nurturing client relationships. How will it make your customer’s life better? Our Lead Generation service will help your business thrive by consistently attracting new leads, increasing your customer base, and boosting revenue. What is the direct CTA? In other words, "how do I get it?" Get started today by clicking the "Sign Up Now" button to access our Lead Generation service.

Voltex Invest - remote sales manager and office worker

Why should you hire our remote sales manager?

What problem is your customer facing?

Businesses often struggle to find new leads and expand their customer base effectively. Pareta 80 na 20 zajmij się czynnościami, które generują największe zyski, pozostałe zleć Voltex Invest. Ustalimy hierarchię ważności czynności i obciążymy Twój zespół. Przy stałej współpracy nasz koordynator zarządza zespołem pracowników, kontrolując ich fachowość i dokładność.

Good hourly rate

Our agreed rate includes all charges arising from applicable regulations such as ZUS, health insurance, PIT tax, so you avoid keeping separate accounting and personnel records. The provided service is entirely tax deductible, you will receive VAT Invoice with an option to deduct costs and reduce income tax as well as receive 23% of overpaid VAT.

More profit

By hiring an extra employee, you can take on more jobs and also gain more customers due to the extra time and resources available. Under the current legal system, a B2B collaboration based on a regularly issued VAT invoice can save you up to 50% or more compared to hiring an employee under a standard contract of employment.

Remote sales manager description

How does the remote sales manager help?

A remote sales manager is an employee who can help a company automate processes related to commerce and e-commerce. It helps in managing and selling products and services on Poland market. The work of a remote sales manager may involve a number of tasks, including creating and maintaining websites, promoting products and services online, generating website traffic, managing order processes, customer support, content creation and marketing activities.

We present our new innovative service that allows entrepreneurs to introduce their product to the Polish or European market. Thanks to our experienced employee who deals with distribution, sales and customer acquisition, enterprises can focus on their business and we will take care of the rest. Our employee will answer calls and e-mails, conduct customer acquisition activities, as well as report activities and develop business in a foreign branch. With our service, entrepreneurs will succeed on the international market and increase their profits.

The remote sales manager can also manage the ordering processes from taking orders to shipping. He may also handle customer service, including answering questions, solving problems, and communicating with customers.

A remote sales manager can also create and publish content to support marketing efforts. This may include creating articles, guides, videos and other materials that promote products and services over the Internet.

ur company uses a multifaceted approach to creating new leads, which includes a combination of online and offline marketing activities, content marketing, social media engagement, participation in industry events, and actively nurturing relationships with existing clients for referrals. Let's estimate the time required for each activity: Online and offline marketing activities: 10 hours per week Content marketing: 8 hours per week Social media engagement: 5 hours per week Industry events participation: 20 hours per event (one event per month) Nurturing client relationships: 5 hours per week Total hours per month: 10 + 8 + 5 + 20 + 5 = 48 hours Now, let's calculate the cost based on the hourly rate of $50: Estimated monthly cost: 48 hours x $50/hour = $2400 Please note that the estimated time and cost provided here are rough approximations and can vary based on the effectiveness of the strategies and the specific circumstances of the lead generation efforts.

Voltex Invest - remote sales manager and office worker

How does cooperation with Voltex Invest look like in terms of trading services?

We define the scope of duties that suit you

Together, we clearly declare what and how the remote sales manager and office worker should help.

We set an hourly work schedule

We define the budget, and thus the number of working hours of the remote sales manager and office worker

We account for the completed tasks

We report on completed tasks, check the work schedule and issue a VAT Invoice.

Voltex Invest - remote sales manager and office worker

Strengthen your business with the remote sales manager and office worker from Voltex Invest.

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